Proving God Is Real

How do you deal with trying to get one of your friends saved that doesn't believe God is real?

The truth is, people typically have real reasons for why they don't believe in God. Sometimes, it is because they were taught to pray to God, and when they did, He did not answer their prayer the way they wanted Him to, or their outcome was bad despite their prayer, and because of that, their anger turned to disbelief. In all, because God did not prove Himself in their tragedy, He can't be real.

Others have simply not learned enough about God to conclude he is real. Perhaps they are not a part of a family that worships God, or studies the Bible. Maybe they don't attend a church, or even pray to God.

In either case, your best tool in helping them believe in God is "You!" In other words, the way you live your life before them is their best opportunity to one day meet God. Of course, your lifestyle must be natural and authentic at the same time. You cannot talk of God on one hand and live contrary to His Word on the other. You must know what a Christian lifestyle truly is, and you must know how to live that out.

Is this too much pressure for a teenager?? ABSOLUTELY not!! Winning a friend to Christ should not entail anything more than simply living a Christian lifestyle. Nothing more, nothing less. You should have a standard concerning how you talk, how you deal with conflict, where you choose to go, what music you choose to listen to, what TV shows you watch, and on and on.

If your life truly represents the authenticity of God, then you can rest assure that because your friend is watching, he or she will see a difference. They will pay attention to when you are in the mix, and when you retreat. They will know when they see you at this gathering, and not that other party. They will understand when you laugh, and when you frown at that condescending joke. And trust, when their life finally takes a turn, your friend will know who to call for prayer. And when the door opens, your friend will interestingly be the one who brings up a conversation about God. Then you will not only have the freedom to share why He is real, but you will also have your proven lifestyle to back up your belief.

So think of yourself as not just any friend, or even a BFF. Think of yourself as someone sent by God to reach someone else. Remember, people often say they disbelieve because they have learned through watching others. But they can also learn to believe by watching you.

So live to be looked at, and God will surely be seen!! Much Love

John 14:9..."He who has seen Me has seen the Father" (NASB)

2 Corinthians 5:20..."Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through us; we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God." (NASB)

**NASB - New American Standard Bible

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