Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Hashtags! Brands! @me's! All mantras of this igeneration. Why??? Because in today's info overloaded world, simplification is essential to stability. What do you mean?

Interestingly, the more people discover, the less they wanna know. Even more interestingly, the less they can know, for what they now know is too confusing! The answer,"less is more," has risen again as the order of the day—less graphics, less sentences, less conversation.

The problem is, this revolution of information, where one can also learn as much about God as they want, ironically, has also led to less—less study, less worship, less communion. The result, again...less—less witnesses, less believers, less converts.

How do we get back to more??? Amazingly, the answer, while deep, can be expressed in a manner where that is equipped for the culture.

Think about it—info overload has caused skepticism, and doubt that God even exists.

Should we as believers be afraid??? Absolutely not. God has given us the ability to speak hope to hopeless generation.

There is a hashtag that is actually true, and credible; a brand that will never be forgotten; and a mantra worth dying for. If we will just do our part and post it, we will see an amazing iRevival throughout the global media community. It's simple—JESUS IS REAL #NoCap

Trust us, if you will begin to use this as your signature, and as it spreads and catches fire, watch how the Spirit of God begins to work with you to bring His Word to pass in the lives of others. Let's Go!!!

Mark 16:20...And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.