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Updated: Sep 30, 2019

"Tis the season to be jolly..." One of the many songs of the season that ring through the air at this time of the year. "Good will towards all men..." one of the many themes in the hearts of men that cause many organizations to show kindness to their neighbor. Isn't that wonderful??? You bet.

Given those great songs and acts of kindness tend to move us towards generosity, one might easily say that the ideals of the Bible continue to rule the day. Or do they???

The truth is, the Bible, while one might tend to claim it as the source of these ideals, in reality, is not necessary for these ideals to reign. Why not???

You see, these ideals are present in a number of cultures, and a plethora of philosophies. Man, in his attempt to prove himself inherently good, can derive at kind acts, even without giving glory to God. Is this a problem? After all, generosity is good, especially at a time set aside seasonally to show it.

Yet the truth is, when it comes to the Bible, if it is not centered on Jesus Christ, then the claim of godliness really isn't true.

How does that affect the Christmas season, you might ask? Because it sounds like you are saying these virtues are wrong. Quite the opposite.

These virtues are good. The fact that they only show up nationally is indicative of the problem. You see, while Christmas is a light-switch for some, it is an everyday gauge for true worshippers (John 4:24) of Jesus Christ.

While it is goodwill for a month for some, for the kingdom, it is brotherly love (Matt 12:46-50) all day. While some give of their abundance, true believers give off their backs (Matt 5:40).

So should believers celebrate Christmas??? Absolutely! just not for one month only, and definitely not in the wrong spirit. It should not be just a cultural tradition, but rather a time of focus, for the birth of our Savior is the manifestation of our victory. Because of Him—coming to the earth in the likeness of sinful flesh and substituting His life as a ransom for ours—we are able to have a right to the eternal tree of life. And that is worthy of a celebration, on da' regular, LOL!

So what is the charge for the believer during Christmas???

Here are 3 Simple and practical things you can do to keep Christ in the center of Christmas!

1. Remind others of the real reason of generosity, and good will, and the giving of gifts—"for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever would call upon Him would not perish, but have everlasting life..." (John 3:16). Intentionally talk about Jesus and share His story so that others will be encouraged about His reality.

2. Exemplify the spirit of Christ and draw near to those who do not know Him. Use a gift as a tool to introduce His love to them. Like Jesus, sit down at the well and wait for the broken to come and get healed (John 4). Even better, give a gift to someone in the name of Christ who can't give you one back. Christ is in that (Matt 25:40)

3. Never assume we've heard them enough. Sing or play Christmas songs that really highlight the birth of Christ, not Rudolph, Saint Nick, or the little drummer boy. While fun, those type of songs typically turn one from the real purpose of the day. (Luke 2:13-14)

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